Christmas Ornament | Set | Dark Blue

Product information "Christmas Ornament | Set | Dark Blue"
The origins not only of the Christmas tree, but also of Christmas tree ornaments go back to old German traditions. In former times, Christmas trees would be decorated with nuts or small bits of fruit. In small villages of eastern Germany, where food was more scarce and glass production more popular, glass artists began creating their own decorations, namely small, colorful shapes made of glass. Their works began to be so beloved by outsiders who stumbled upon them that the trend quickly spread to the rest Germany and, eventually, the world.
Our glass ornaments are created using traditional glassblowing methods, individually handcrafted and handpainted just for your very own Christmas tree!
This set includes 48 ornament pieces.
Color: Dark Blue
Made in: Germany
Manufacturer : Jingle Bells Lauscha
Material: Glass

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