Cuckoo Clock | Kissing Kids | 8 Day Movement | Music

Product information "Cuckoo Clock | Kissing Kids | 8 Day Movement | Music"

This very detailed cuckoo clock shows a lovely scene of a boy and girl kissing to the sound of music. Features: Low-pitched cuckoo sound, chimes once on the half an hour and varyingly on the full hour, depending on the hour (i.e. 7 o´clock – 7 times). The kids are turning their heads and kissing, water wheel turns, and the figures dance while music is playing.
Clock Movement : SBS-Feintechnik Germany
Color: Beidge, Black, Brown, White
Height: 49cm (19.29 inch)
Length: 34cm (13.5 inch)
Made in: Germany
Manufacturer : Hönes
Moving Parts: Cuckoo, Dancers, Kissing Kids, Pendulum, Water Wheel
Music: For Elise, Happy Wanderer
Night-off Switch: Manual
Weight: 8.5kg (18 Ib)
Width : 21cm (8.26 inch)
Winding Time: 8 Days

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