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Product information "Ercolano | Jewelry Music Box | Cello"

This beautiful hand made Italian musical jewellery box from The Music Box Shop, is fitted with a miniature 12 note musical movement. This music box is wound from underneath the lid, when you lift the lid the music plays and when the lid is closed the music stops. This fine wooden musical jewellery box is hand made, finished in a walnut veneers and coated in a gloss lacquer. The lid of the music box is decorated with a beautiful artistic and elegant picture of a cello surrounded by cherubs playing musical instrument. This is a lovely smaller musical jewellery box, that would make an ideal gift for any age. 

This music box plays the tune: Eine Kleine Nacht Musik (12 note miniature movement)

One of the original Italian music box makers, Ercolano has passed down special woodworking techniques for generations. Their jewelry and music boxes are world-renowned for their creativity and quality. 

Today, Ercolano mixes modern design and traditional techniques to create completely unique pieces loved worldwide. 

Color: Beidge, Brown, Orange, White
Height: 5cm (1.96 inch)
Length: 10cm (4 inch)
Made in: Italy
Manufacturer : Ercolano
Material: Brass, Stainless steel, Wood
Motif: Cello
Music: Eine Kleine Nacht Musik
Weight: 0.68 kg (1.49 lb)
Width : 8cm (3.14 inch)

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