STERNEN GLAS | Small Oil Lamp | Pink

Product information "STERNEN GLAS | Small Oil Lamp | Pink"

Introducing our hand-crafted glass oil lamp, a luminous marvel brought to life by the skilled hands of our artisan glassblower. This radiant creation transcends the ordinary, becoming a beacon of warmth and elegance that transforms any space.

Gift yourself or a loved one this glassblower's creation—a radiant embodiment of artistry and utility. Let the soft glow of the flame tell a story of craftsmanship, where the dance of fire and glass creates a symphony of warmth and beauty. Illuminate your world with the timeless charm of our hand-made glass oil lamp.


All of our Sternen Glas products are handmade by our glass artists. This means that the size, coloring, and pattern of the products may vary slightly. The photos you see are an approximation of the product you will receive. There may also be small air bubbles or bubble streaks inside.
Certificate of authenticity with the artist´s name and signature included. 
Color: Pink
Diameter: 9-11cm (3.5-4.3 inch)
Made in: Germany
Manufacturer : Sternen Glas
Material: Glass

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