Cuckoo Clock | Wildlife | 1 Day Movement

Product information "Cuckoo Clock | Wildlife | 1 Day Movement"

Traditional style cuckoo clock, precisely-carved to the finest detail. With the bird on its top and the squirrels on its sides, this clock shows the wildlife of the Black Forest. The clock is also carved in a rough style, meaning one can tell it is hand-carved just by looking at it. 
Features: High-pitched cuckoo sound, chimes once on the half an hour and varyingly on the full hour, depending on the hour (ex. 7 o´clock - 7 times).
Clock Movement : SBS-Feintechnik Germany
Color: Beidge, Black, Brown
Height: 28cm (11 inch)
Length: 20cm (7.87 inch)
Made in: Germany
Manufacturer : Hönes
Material: Cast Iron, Stainless steel, Wood
Moving Parts: Cuckoo, Pendulum
Night-off Switch: Manual
Weight: 2kg (4.4 lb)
Width : 16cm (6.29 inch)
Winding Time: 1 Day

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