KYWIE | Wine Cooler | Blue Suede

Product information "KYWIE | Wine Cooler | Blue Suede"

KYWIE wine cooler is made of 100% natural TEXEL sheepskin. Counter intuitive as it may be, this cooler keeps COOL! Better than any other material in the world (other than ice). The fine woolen interior is a natural BIO-INSULATOR and traps (cold) air inside the cooler. 

Result: pre-chilled wine cold 4 hours. It is lightweight and foldable, protects your bottle and fits in your hand perfectly. Convenient for at home and on the go. 

A smart birthday gift, for everybody, original and lasting. KYWIE camel wine cooler is the original. Their journey started here..

KYWIE champagne coolers are handmade of 100% natural TEXEL sheepskin and as such there will be slight variations in colour, texture and markings which we believe adds to the beauty and individual character of every cooler.

Wine is not included!

Color: Blue
Diameter: 7-8cm (2.75-3.14 inch)
Height: 21cm (8.26 inch)
Made in: Netherlands
Manufacturer : Kywie
Material: Sheepskin, Suede, Wool
Volume: 0.75l (26.36 fl oz)

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